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Bookings of Come Together Songfestival will be processed by ZEGG gGmbH, Bad Belzig, Germany.

Come Together Song Festival
15 – 18 June 2017

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    Booking until 3 May 2017: €140. After that €170 plus €154.50 for board and lodging in tents or dormitories. A limited number of single and double rooms are also available (please book early).

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    Terms and Conditions

    For this event the terms and conditions of ZEGG gGmbH in Bad Belzig are valid. Please read it and confirm that you have read and understood it.
    Terms and conditions of ZEGG gGmbH =>
    I have read the Terms and conditions of ZEGG gGmbH, understood and accept them.*

    This is a binding registration with costs. The prices are compiles from 1) festival fee 2) food and accomodation 3) spa tax. The prices are listed on the pages of the festival. There are no other (hidden) fees.

    Booking Conditions and Information

    ZEGG GmbH
    Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 89
    14806 Bad Belzig
    Tel.: 033841 595-100
    Fax: 033841 595-102


    Guests in ZEGG stay in dormitories or in large tents in the summer. Single and double rooms are available upon payment of a supplement. Please book early and note that room reservations can only be confirmed when the total price is paid in advance.

    When staying in the dormitories or tents, please bring a sleeping bag or blankets with you, as well as a towel – an extra towel for the sauna is also recommended. (Bed linen is provided in the single and double rooms).

    The ZEGG Guesthouse has two common bathrooms with showers on each floor – one for men and one for women. There are also shower facilities for guests in dormitories and tents.


    ZEGG has a communal kitchen where the meals are prepared for guests and residents alike. Meals are vegetarian and prepared from almost exclusively organic ingredients – either from ZEGG’s own garden, the local region or fair trade sources. Some of the meals include vegan options (no animal produce).

    Guests who have to follow a specific diet are asked to inform us at the time of booking. We will do our best to satisfy these special dietary wishes but cannot provide any guarantee.

    Guests are requested to support us by helping with the washing up. In turn, this helps us to keep down our costs and therefore also our prices.


    Prices for our events and seminars are related to the costs of the maintenance of our site and seminar centre and the quality of our programs. This is also the reason why the discount we can give is limited. If you would like to ask for a discount, please do this when you book.

    Our prices are listed in two parts. Firstly, the course fee (CF) charged by the event organiser and secondly the cost for board and lodging (B&L) charged by ZEGG GmbH (the latter includes 19% VAT). The course fees (CF) are collected by ZEGG GmbH on behalf of the course organiser, who will provide a receipt in their name.

    Since Belzig is designated as a spa town, ZEGG is obliged to collect a €1.50 /night spa tax (€0.75 for children) from every person whose stay is not job-related.

    German residents may be eligible to apply for ‘training premiums’ (Bildungsprämien) for some of our seminars. More info at:


    Please pay the course fee at least 14 days in advance of the start of the event. Please state the name of the workshop/event and participant on the bank transfer and ensure that all transfer fees are covered, so that we receive the full course fee.

    ZEGG GmbH,
    Berliner Volksbank,
    Bank Code (BLZ) 100 900 00,
    Acc. No. 820 101 3004.
    For international bank transfers:
    IBAN: DE 03 1009 0000 8201 0130 04
    Please bring a copy of your transfer confirmation!

    We don’t accept credit cards!


    The following conditions apply: Late cancellations (less than 14 days before the course date) incur an administration charge of 25% of the total price. Where a single or double room had been booked, this supplement is forfeited.

    Where a participant does not show up to an event but did not inform us in advance, the total price for the event is forfeited. In the case of cancellation we keep an administration charge of €30.-.


    Children and Youth
    Children are especially welcome during the Song Festival, Living-Dying-Celebrating Conference, ZEGG Whitsun Festival and the ZEGG Summer Camp. At other times we are unable to offer childcare or youth groups. Generally we advise guests to come without their children for the first visit to ZEGG.

    Course participants under the age of 18 need written permission from their parents or guardians.


    Please note:
    Neither ZEGG GmbH nor the individual course organiser accept any liability towards the participant or to any third party for the event or any psychological, physiological or material impairments or damage arising in connection with participation in the event. This liability disclaimer also applies to any participation in workcamps and action weeks or to anyone present on the site using any of its facilities in any capacity (especially in winter). This also includes consumption of food prepared in the communal kitchen where residents and guest alike participate in the preparation of the food.

    Liability on grounds of intent is, of course, not excluded.

    Each and every participant is fully responsible for their own person and their participation in the event. By agreeing to these terms and conditions the participant declares that they have no illness and no psychological or physiological complaints that would indicate they should not participate in such an event or visit ZEGG.

    Parents and guardians are liable for their children. The presence of children on the ZEGG site and their participation in any organised or unorganised events or games, especially in the vicinity of the Children’s House or the pond is at their own risk.

    Lighting fires and smoking is forbidden on the entire ZEGG site except for the clearly indicated locations.

    Taking photographs and video or audio recording is not permitted without express permission of those affected: please respect the privacy of all residents and guests.

    Please do not bring any pets or other animals with you!

    By making a booking you also agree to these terms and conditions.