Hagara Feinbier

Hagara Feinbier studied music education. She is a passionate choir director, workshop leader and song collector and has lived in the ZEGG intentional community in Bad Belzig, Germany, since the year it was founded, 1991. She publishes the well-known ‘Come Together Songs’ series, which includes song books, CDs and a dance DVD. The series brings together community-building songs of the heart from all over the world.

Hagara Feinbier, Come Together Songs
Hagara Feinbier

Hagara has been running singing and music courses at home and abroad for 18 years, actively seeking to promote a new culture of singing in schools, kindergartens, hospices and everyday life (including in communities such as ZEGG). Participants in her music workshops frequently report how her vitality and openness helped them to (re-)discover their enthusiasm for singing. Hagara is passionate about enabling people to experience the healing power of their voices and encouraging them to sing (together) again as part of their everyday lives.

She is the initiator of the annual Come Together Song Festival, which is the largest gathering in Germany for the network of ‘singing circles’. Together with ZEGG, Hagara Feinbier was awarded the title of “Singing Healthcare Institution” by the “Singing Hospitals” association in 2010. Presented to her during the 2010 CTS Festival in June of that year, the award reflects the praise spoken by the association’s board members Wolfgang Bossinger, Katharina Neubronner and Heino Debus for her commitment to spreading singing as a way of promoting health in our society.


“Many thanks to my teachers: Reinhard Flatischler-TaKeTiNa / Dudu Tucci – Samba  battucada / Werner Rizzi – Music animation for big groups / Martin Behrmann – Choral conducting / Andro Rothe – Tantra / Dieter Duhm und Sabine Lichtenfels – Community knowledge / Marshall Rosenberg – Nonviolent Communication / Manitonquat – Living in Circles / Batty Thunder Bear Gold, Rose Egle Fink und Sabina Tschudi – knowledge of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path / Royston Maldoom – Community-Dance / Raimund Mauch – Mantras / Ida Kelarova – DeepSoulSinging / Sonsanim Ko.Myong and Ralf Bodenschatz – Shinson Hapkido / Michael Betzner – vocal improvisation / Frank Kane – georgian singing / Wolfgang Saus – overton singing / Madeleine Ingen Housz – voice training / Michael Stillwater- spiritual songs, Iris Werkhoven –  bulgarian songs

“A special thank to all my participants, who let me sing together with them and were a source of valuable inspiration. You are a great motivation for my work!”